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Home > ACCESSORIES > Temporary Tattoos
  • product title Metallic Temporary Tattoos
  • style number OO00018GL(TQS)-S47A
  • color Gold / Turquoise
  • dimension 7.75"(L) X 5.75"(W) X 0.00"(H)
  • description

    - Wholesale Leaf Metallic Temporary Tattoos
    - Each sheet comes with a variety of designs

    - Instructions for Use
    1. Cut out Tattoo of choice and remove the clear sheet
    2. Choose a spot on your body to position the tattoo
        and clean the spot
    3. Place the tattoo face down on skin
    4. Wet the back of the tattoo thoroughly with a damp sponge
        or towel
    5. Hold it in that position for at least 60 seconds without
    6. Remove sponge and alllow tattoos to dry, remembering
        to not move
        the area tattooed
    7. Gently grab a corner of the paper and slowly peel
        to reveal tattoo
    8. If tattoo is not sticking, repeat steps 4-5

    - To Remove
    : The Tattoos will come off naturally over a few days
      with normal washing
    1. Dab tattoo with rubbing alcohol or baby oil
    2. Wait for 10 seconds then rub gently
    3. Rub repeatedly with more rubbing alcohol or baby oil
        until removed  


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